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welcome to the Gyeonggi Gwacheonl Library of Education


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We welcome your visit to the Gyeonggi Gwacheonl Library of Education.

Our library, affiliated with the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, opened its doors in 1984. Since then,
we have been faithfully executing our role as a center for knowledge and information,
and as a center for culture, by providing timely access to high-quality materials
and offering various Viewing activities and Lifelong educational programs.

We thank our fellow Gyeonggi-Do residents for the constant and
earnest support, and members of the educational community for their
continued interest. We will keep our ears open to your valuable opinion,
so that we may contribute to raising our community’s quality of life, and
that through participation and open communication our library may be a
gateway to a brighter future full of hope for our society.

We pledge to always provide the best possible library services,
with a pleasant environment and a welcoming smile.
We look forward to the Gwacheon Library being a regular part of your lives,
and to your continued love and support.

Thank you.

From all staff members
Gyeonggi Gwacheonl Library of Education


Tel : 82-02-3677-0371~2(Weekday & Weekend 09:00 ~ 22:00)/night-duty room : 82-02-3677-0370(Night & Library closedday)

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