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Lifelong Education

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Our library offers and operates various Lifelong education programs to provide Lifelong learning opportunities to community residents, and to share the joy of learning. We hope for your interest and participation.

  • Application : Visit or by internet (in order of receipt)
  • Fees : None (Students are responsible for textbook / materials)
  • Program Guide : Newly opened classes shall be updated on library website, the Gwacheon Library
       Newsletter(quarterly), and the library notice board
  • Change of Programs : Programs may be changed if the number of applicants is low, or in the case of other
       extenuating circumstances
  • Inquiries : Information and Services Office ☎ 02) 3677-0332
Please note when applying for classes
  • Participation in all programs is free of charge; individual students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and
       materials required for classes (Money for textbooks and materials shall be collected by the instructor on the day of the first class; reimbursements shall not be made)
  • Class instructor and times may be changed according to circumstances
  • Each individual is limited to 2 classes, and may not enroll in adult and children’s classes simultaneously Individuals repeatedly hindering the smooth operation of a program, or those with indecent behavior, may be barred from enrolling in future classes.
  • When applying online, all information should be of the actual applicant. If it is confirmed that information entered
       online is inaccurate, enrollment may be cancelled. (Internet applicants are requested to confirm receipt of
       internet applications by phone within 3 days)
  • For students absent without prior notice for more than 4 consecutives classes, enrollment may be cancelled.
       Members in the waiting list will be afforded the chance to enroll.
  • Individuals enrolling in a class mid-way will be required to provide complete textbook costs, as well as material fees
  • Cancellation of enrollment must be requested ahead of time (Failure to participate without cancellation request may receive a penalty when applying for future classes)


Tel : 82-02-3677-0371~2(Weekday & Weekend 09:00 ~ 22:00)/night-duty room : 82-02-3677-0370(Night & Library closedday)

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