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General Resources Room

Contains publications, reference publications and serial publications. Materials are available for Viewing and checkout. Materials from the original databases of the National Assembly Digital Library and the National Library can be viewed and printed

Detailed Information

Detailed Information Table
Location 1st Floor
Size / No. Seats 998㎡ / 188
Contains Publications, Reference Publications, Serial Publications, Western Books
Hours of Service Weekdays - 09:00 ~ 20:00 / Sat., Sun. - 09:00 ~ 17:00
Checkout Up to 5 per member, up to 14 days with single extension (7 days)
※ Use book return box located at library main gate for after-hours book returns
Usage General books, Western books Checkout and in-house Viewing
Reference Books, Serial Publications In-house Viewing in Reading Rooms
Original DB Viewing and printing at National Assembly Library
and National Library Original DB Corner
Only selected materials of the library’s collection are available for photocopy, as per Article 31 of the Copyright Act.
Members may use the self-photocopy machines or the library’s photocopy room.
LibraryCopyright Fee Policy
The policy requires that a nominal copyright fee be paid, separately from photocopy fees,
   for usage of original library DBs, as of July 1, 2004. (Article 31, Copyright Act)
The Library Copyright Fee is a compensatory fee deposited by users
   with a copyright holder’s association designated by the Minister of
    Culture, Sports and Tourism (Korea Reprographic and Transmission
    Rights Management Center) for use of copyrighted materials without the
    direct permission of the copyright holder.
Copyright fees
   - Books/serial publications for sale: Printing (5 Won/page)/
     Transmission (20 Won / file)
   - Books/serial publications not for sale:Printing(3 Won/page)


Tel : 82-02-3677-0371~2(Weekday & Weekend 09:00 ~ 22:00)/night-duty room : 82-02-3677-0370(Night & Library closedday)

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